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20.01.10 Wednesday
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firestartermsu [30.01.04::10:49]
Raddest thing I have ever done?? ... wow that takes some thought. Perhaps standing at the top of the World Trade Center, especially now that that is no longer an option, was a pretty amazing time. ... One time when I was 15 (and my family will never let me forget this one), while camping in the Grand Canyon with all of my extended family I managed to eat 6 huge hamburgers all by myself. ... Or the time, about two months ago, when I decided that I had never been to Denver, so I bought a plane ticket and left that afternoon. Those all seem like pretty rad things.

I found your journal through a friend of a friend's page and I just had to add you. Now, I've been reading all the replies that you have gotten to this, and I think that it's only fair that you now share with us: What is the raddest thing you have ever done? =)
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Re: - tyrven [30.01.04::03:09]
You've done some pretty rad things.
  • World Trade Center: That's intense. I went to the roof of one of the skyscrapers in Seattle and I thought that was pretty rad, but it's not even close to your story. How neat!
  • American Excess: It's so American to be proud of eating six hamburgers ;-). I, of course, have no room to talk as I'm sure I've done plenty of similar things.
  • Denver: That, I believe, is the raddest of your stories. I love sponteneity and adventure! I did this on Christmas with a ticket to DC but ended up staying home (see my 12/25 post for details).
Anyway, yes, yes... good stories.
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Re: - tyrven [30.01.04::04:01]
P.S., In response to your inquiry, I've posted my most rad(ical) story to my journal.