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20.01.10 Wednesday
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Re: the perception of life - l3gi0n [03.02.04::04:55]
Its funny, i absolutely agree that God doesnt need us, and in fact i often ponder why in his own name would he bother to make us and not bother to change his own mind seconds before it actually happens. I hear all the time that God must be some all knowing, all powerful, all good God. Well, i obviously dont agree, but that aside he also exhists outside of time. Thats all great, we have no way of proving any of it, but i digress, my point is that the instant God decides to create humanity , the whole of humanity happens and ends in the eyes of God (all in that solitary instant). Then i ask, why bother test Humans? The responce i get most often is that he wants company, or to see, Im sure you realize that this God would seriously not need humans as company if he was all he is said to be. We are completely inconsistent and oftentimes simply retarded in the things we do. Think Gov. Terminator, or President Cowboy. There just isnt any reason i can think of under which an intelligent being (All knowing after all) would want to create life such as us, and upon creation decide not to just wink us out of existence to prevent causeing the mess we have already begun.

Though, on your own point, every person alone is completely useless, its the whole of humanity which keeps us afloat. You may think of einstein as a great man who made many advances in science and physics, but if he wouldnt have done it, with time someone else would have. And with further time he will also be forgotten (Note there may need to be a LOT of time there) but for someone like me, an ordinary joe, ill likely be forgotten less than 3 generations after im dead. In the infinity of existence we will all be forgotten and everything we have done will eventually be completely useless. (idea behind infinity being all things possible) Yes, i do see a bit of a contradiction there, with if destruction is possible, than so is a sense of non-destruction, i just dont happen to think that non-destruction can undo destruction (anti-destruction, creation... and definately not with the same force), which tends to be the first thing to happen in my experience.