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John's Birthday Party

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uncelestial had a pretty epic birthday party at his new home last night. The best addition (which I'm totally going to gank for my next theme party) was a greenscreen photobooth with 20+ backgrounds. Of course, the 9/11 background was the most popular - you just can't go wrong with exploding planes.

I was in a quiet mood last night and took quite a few photos, although my camera managed to make the rounds so I'm looking forward to what debauchery found its way onto my memory card. Of course, I still haven't posted photos from my halloween party yet so we'll see if I ever get around to going through them.


Hot young co-eds!

Katie and I are hosting a fundraiser for the University of Washington Department of Applied Mathematics on November 15th. We're getting donations of kegs from local microbreweries (TDB; details expected on Friday). All proceeds will be used to fund at least one research position over the summer. We have no idea what the field of study for this student will be, however many applied mathemeticians go on to build weapons for the military; obviously, blowing up people in the name of science is a good cause that we can all get behind.

The cover will be $15 ($10 with student ID); for this price, you get an endless supply of alcohol (the department has done mathemetical modeling of alcohol consumption and feels confident they can honor this commitment). The party will likely start around 7:00pm and will be located at our house (1928 10th Ave. E.). Since this is a fundraiser, we're allowing anyone in who meets the cover charge - although if they're ugly we'll likely quarantine them in the basement (sorry, I have standards to maintain).

I'll be posting an invite to Facebook on Monday, once the details have all been confirmed. For now this is a heads-up.

Note: If you can't attend but would like to support the nuking-of-innocent-civis, you can also fund the Applied Mathematics Half Marathon Team, who will be running (half of) the Seattle Marathon on November 30th. Their goal is to raise $20,000 by then! [Donation Form] (PDF).

ATTN: goldfischegirl: You'll be excited to know that the Applied Math faculty will be showing up - drunk professors, what could go wrong?


Willow's Costume Party

A few weeks ago, while honoring the Woman Out Of Town (woot) Protocol, goldfischegirl, mrsimul and I crashed my friend Willow's party hell-and-gone somewhere in South Seattle (original post). Anyway, I uploaded the photos a while back but never got a chance to cross-post them here. Many of the pictures from the set were taken by Ashley as we were sharing camera duty that night. It ended up being a pretty wild party and there are some fun photos in the set.

Ashley took this one, although you'd never know. Our styles have seemed to merge over the last few years.

This was my costume for part of the night. I also ended up as an injun at some point, a cowboy at another and a farmer (?) at yet another. These photos were obviously taken by Ashley.

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USO Ball

As has been the trend lately, I was more interested in socializing than taking photographs and so I only have a handful of pictures from the party. Fortunately, popcultureicon was in attendance with his Canon 450D. The lighting was dim so I loaned him my flash and, despite never working with an attached unit, he took an exceptional set that really captures the mood of the party. Every few years it seems the Official Event Photographer role passes to a new person; originally it was goldfischegirl, then the baton was passed on deceitfully taken by me, and now Christopher's assumed responsibility. (This, I fear, means I my camera will get invited to less parties).

meowlet with a World War II era newspaper (she brought a bunch of neat relics from the 40s).

Katie also really likes suxdonut's photo of the cake. Another shot of my costume, also by popcultureicon.

suxdonut and clay88.

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The 1943 USO Ball has been my favorite party at the new house, if not the best party I've ever thrown. The theme was very successful; I think it was planned long-enough in advance and offered enough quickly-assembled costume ideas that it was easy for people to come in character. Katie also did a great job compiling the background music, which helped maintain the mood. A fairly decent sized crowed showed up (I'd estimate 50 people?); probably less than the last party, but it was a diverse group of friends which kept things interesting without getting out-of-hand. Quite a few people showed up who I haven't seen in a long-time, including meowlet and seennotheard (who made a fantastic Rosie the Riveter); this made me happy. (Of course, others were missed, such as sidspencer, my father and practically all of Katie's friends who are, apparently, terrified of my parties).

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Anyway, thanks to all of the people who showed up and made it such a memorable birthday! I hope everyone else had as good of a time as I did.