Sometimes I take plants for granted. Othertimes I think of them as self-replicating, self-healing (and sometimes edible!) machines that dominate the earth. And then the world is fascinating all over again.


The Kennedys

Katie:  Did you hear about Senator Kennedy? He has a brain tumor. It's really sad.
Me:All of the Kennedys die in strange and unusual ways. Like skiing accidents.
Katie: That was Sonny Bono. You're thinking of an airplane crash.
Me:No, that was a different Kennedy. Anyway, I always assumed it was the CIA trying to finish the job.
Katie: Next it will be Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Me:That makes no sense at all.
Katie: He's married to a Kennedy.
Me:Yeah - but have you seen The Terminator. I mean, the CIA can't even take out Castro.


Louisiana Trip

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When we were in Louisiana for Christmas, we drove around the rural areas in the southern part of the state checking out the swamps, plantations, churches and villages. I didn't take too many photos and of the photos I took I don't think it's that interesting of a set - which is unfortunate because it was an interesting trip.

This was also the first time I tried out my half neutral density filter which I bought like three years ago but never got around to using. A lot of these photos show an obvious abuse of the filter; lesson learned. Others, however, did effectively compensate for a blown-out sky - which is exactly what the filter is intended for.

Highlights from the set: me with a baby alligator, nappy headed angels, my spider friend.


When in Rome

This weekend, we went to Vancouver with goldfischegirl and uncelestial. Since Vancouver is known for good dim sum we made a point of getting lunch at a highly-rated Chinese restaraunt in Richmond on the way back. And, since half the fun of dim sum is trying new things...

    Waiter #1: Are you sure you understand what you're getting...?
    Waiter #2: You ordered duck tongue...? [Sticks her tongue out].
    Waiter #3: No, I wouldn't eat that. I guess my parents' might have...?
So we told them that just because they were willing to forsake their culture didn't mean that we were. Based on this, John and I are happy to announce the formation of the first chapter of "Gweilos for the Preservation of Chink Culture".

WIFI Networks

The other day caseyplusplus pointed out that one of his neighbors had a wireless network called CrotchRaiders "CrotchCapers". This resulted in speculation as to which neighbor owned the network.

What is your wireless network called? What about your neighbors?
  • BeeBug Link

  • dsus4dsus2

  • Ithaeland (mine)

  • Khalsa

  • madden net


  • magnisonu

  • TUX