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28.08.05 Sunday
02:02 pm - Party Pictures


Photos from Saturday night, including shots from fritz_da_kat's house warming, Curtis' pirates v. robots themed birthday party, Willow's Valentine's Day party, late night at Contour and random shots from Minnies.

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27.08.05 Saturday
11:56 am - More bathroom humor...

goldfischegirl's recounting of yesterday's adventures. Bonus: Includes a preview of our photoshoot.

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22.08.05 Monday
01:04 pm - New Year's 1936 Party Photos


Again, I'm not terribly happy with these. A lot of them I posted simply for documentation as opposed to any photographic merit. There they are, though.

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20.08.05 Saturday
03:41 pm - New Years 1936 - Party Photos Preview

I have 130 images I want to post from the party (!!) out of 500 photos taken (!!!). It's going to take me a while to go through them. For now, here's a preview. This is daeverra with velvet's hat and gun.

Thanks to everyone who showed up. I was really impressed by how much effort people put into their outfits; it made for an exceptional party.

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10.08.05 Wednesday
05:34 pm - Photoshoot with masque__


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08.08.05 Monday
09:25 pm - Carol's House


Katie and I visited Carol on Saturday. We drank wine, played music, planned our trip and spied on people across the lake. Carol's foster child also proposed to my girlfriend that sneaky little bastard. I like this set.

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08:42 pm - Julia's Birthday Party


Photos from scifigal runway model themed birthday party last weekend. These include quite a few photos of belovedrooster and supergoofy.

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15.07.05 Friday
07:26 pm - Quent's Birthday Party


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03:33 pm - Cristin's Going Away Party


This photo was actually taken by daeverra, not me. But it was my favorite from the set. I will be spamming LiveJournal with photos today. Apologies.

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25.06.05 Saturday
04:58 pm - Booyah!

En23, originally uploaded by doyouhaveaflag.

Me jumping off a bar stool at En last night. And Sara taking advantage of the circumstances by trying to grab my ass.

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09.06.05 Thursday
09:02 am - Bowling Pictures

Quent.Smoking, originally uploaded by Tyrven.

Bowling with quent, daeverra, doyouhaveaflag, velvet and llarian. Trying out this format; using Flickr exclusively.

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07.06.05 Tuesday
11:13 am - Overheard in Seattle
This actually happened to Heather a while ago, but a friend's entry prompted me to post it.

The SettingHollywood Video.
The PlayersThe store manager*
HeatherDo you have Gandhi in?
ManagerHmm. How do you spell that?
ManagerIs it a comedy?

* Incidently, I had a crush on this the manager, who is a cute geeky girl. This dialog pretty much killed that.

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30.05.05 Monday
06:43 pm - Best drink in town...
I am proud to announce the public debut of the latest craze to hit Seattle's bar scene.

Resulting from the joint development efforts of the talented individuals gathered at ebquarternote's Symposium for Alcoholic Innovation, the Endquote is produced by stirring together a two pour of part Bombay Sapphire, a single pour of coconut rum, a splash of triplesec and a garnish of soy sauce. While patrick was responsible for the introduction of the key ingredient, the drink was named after Josh (endquote) since "The Patrick" is already a well-established concoction in the region. The Endquote is properly served in a brandy snifter.

Sadly, not everyone in Seattle is on the hip list. Last night, at the Inertia Labs Party, I was disappointed to find out that the bartender had not only never heard of an Endquote but also didn't stock soy sauce. This must be resolved. You are encouraged to ask around about the Endquote to ensure proper distribution of the recipe.

Photo of the Endquote courtesy of asabass.
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04:44 pm - atonal's Barbeque

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29.05.05 Sunday
11:33 am - girlcube's birthday, starring...

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17.05.05 Tuesday
12:10 am - goldfischegirl and company (last entry)

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12:01 am - brianfey's Party (Hosted by stillraven)

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16.05.05 Monday
11:48 pm - Gennie's Dessert Party
I'm going to spam my friend's list with a few photo entries. Sorry. I just got around to going through these. The following are from gfrancie's recent party. Some of these are blurry and dark, but I figured the people photographed may be interested in them.

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26.04.05 Tuesday
06:49 pm - Bethany's 19th Birthday

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20.03.05 Sunday
04:07 pm - quent and daeverra (NSFW!)

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27.02.05 Sunday
05:16 pm - daeverra's House Warming

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02:14 pm - Photos of daeverra

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20.02.05 Sunday
06:35 pm - I don't fucking like you. Get it?
Raw probability suggests that you are probably curious what I think of you since most of your self-worth depends on my opinion. Further, it's likely that you constantly nag me for reassurance of aceptance. It's tiring. It should be obvious that I don't like you. Nonetheless, if you don't want to accept that as an answer I've created the "Does Jeremy-Like-Me Test". Now if you are in doubt you can find out for certain.

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19.01.05 Wednesday
06:25 pm - goldfischegirl's Birthday

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03.01.05 Monday
02:28 pm - Photoshoot with katethoughts...
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01.01.05 Saturday
02:21 pm - NYE Pictures
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16.11.04 Tuesday
02:50 pm - Photoshoot with djnancygirl; Part II

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02:32 pm - Photoshoot with djnancygirl; Part I

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12.11.04 Friday
07:56 pm - Gaz Photoshoot with lazyangel...

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09.11.04 Tuesday
06:12 pm - Parking Garages
Mostly just playing with lighting and texture in parking garages. Not terribly happy with any of these.

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