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15.10.05 Saturday
01:44 pm - tyrven's Twenty-Ninth Birthday; TONIGHT.

Just a reminder... [My House, 10p]

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27.09.05 Tuesday
06:21 pm - Zolton's Pole Dancing Party

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starfish77 threw a pole dancing party at his swank downtown apartment last Saturday. Lighting was dim and (good) photographs were few, but a couple turned out. Hot boys and girls swinging around a pole; what more can you ask for?

I even tossed in a panty shot for good measure. And because I'm an ass.

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25.09.05 Sunday
01:02 am - Quent and Sara

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quent and daeverra demonstrate the latest in 60's fashion in anticipation of my upcoming birthday theme party.

I think this is the highest quality shoot I've done in a long time, and an excellent display of my new lens. I'm very satisfied with these photos; thank you to both Quent and Sara for being such wonderful models.

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24.09.05 Saturday
07:13 pm - Me and Katie


I added a number of photos of me and Katie to the my daily set. Quite a few of these were taken by quent.

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06:31 pm - Party, redux...

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Oops, I missed five photos from the party last night that I thought were worth posting. Adding to the set.

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05:59 pm - Katie's Party

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A few random photos from the party last night. These aren't fantastic photos, although I like this one of Ashley. Still working on the batch of Quent and Sara.

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28.08.05 Sunday
02:02 pm - Party Pictures


Photos from Saturday night, including shots from fritz_da_kat's house warming, Curtis' pirates v. robots themed birthday party, Willow's Valentine's Day party, late night at Contour and random shots from Minnies.

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22.08.05 Monday
01:04 pm - New Year's 1936 Party Photos


Again, I'm not terribly happy with these. A lot of them I posted simply for documentation as opposed to any photographic merit. There they are, though.

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20.08.05 Saturday
03:41 pm - New Years 1936 - Party Photos Preview

I have 130 images I want to post from the party (!!) out of 500 photos taken (!!!). It's going to take me a while to go through them. For now, here's a preview. This is daeverra with velvet's hat and gun.

Thanks to everyone who showed up. I was really impressed by how much effort people put into their outfits; it made for an exceptional party.

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08.08.05 Monday
08:42 pm - Julia's Birthday Party


Photos from scifigal runway model themed birthday party last weekend. These include quite a few photos of belovedrooster and supergoofy.

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15.07.05 Friday
07:26 pm - Quent's Birthday Party


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03:33 pm - Cristin's Going Away Party


This photo was actually taken by daeverra, not me. But it was my favorite from the set. I will be spamming LiveJournal with photos today. Apologies.

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25.06.05 Saturday
04:58 pm - Booyah!

En23, originally uploaded by doyouhaveaflag.

Me jumping off a bar stool at En last night. And Sara taking advantage of the circumstances by trying to grab my ass.

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30.05.05 Monday
04:44 pm - atonal's Barbeque

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29.05.05 Sunday
11:33 am - girlcube's birthday, starring...

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17.05.05 Tuesday
12:01 am - brianfey's Party (Hosted by stillraven)

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16.05.05 Monday
11:48 pm - Gennie's Dessert Party
I'm going to spam my friend's list with a few photo entries. Sorry. I just got around to going through these. The following are from gfrancie's recent party. Some of these are blurry and dark, but I figured the people photographed may be interested in them.

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26.04.05 Tuesday
06:49 pm - Bethany's 19th Birthday

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27.02.05 Sunday
05:16 pm - daeverra's House Warming

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19.01.05 Wednesday
06:25 pm - goldfischegirl's Birthday

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01.01.05 Saturday
02:21 pm - NYE Pictures
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09.11.04 Tuesday
04:59 pm - Cara's Birthday Party

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31.10.04 Sunday
02:04 pm - Zolton's Party (Last of today's Halloween pictures)

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01:17 pm - J's Halloween Party

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01:01 pm - Jasmine's Party (and then some)

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18.10.04 Monday
01:00 pm - Birthday Pictures...

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17.10.04 Sunday
03:52 pm - Melissa's Party

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15.10.04 Friday
04:54 am - Sleepy time...
So far, this has been the best birthday imaginable. And I'm only 20% complete with the day! I can't wait to see you all at the party tonight! There will be a ton of wonderful people in attendence and I expect it to be a lot of fun =).

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09.10.04 Saturday
10:02 pm - Will's Birthday Party

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06.10.04 Wednesday
07:43 pm - My Twenty-Eighth Birthday Bash
Heads up: I'll be having a birthday party at my house in Bothell on Friday, October 15th (that's next Friday). I can help coordinate carpools for those without cars. I'll be posting a formal invite this Friday along with directions and a link to an e-vite for the RSVP.

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Dress is tentatively set to semi-formal or costume (because costumes are rad). Guests welcome!

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